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Our experts have the knack to transform a house into a home full of dreams and aspirations. We offer interior designing services including bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, dining area, terrace , facade designing etc. and all other areas for residences.


We have a knack of adding décor to your commercial space that is absolutely unmatched and very useful at the same time.We specialize in  services of commercial interior decorators, showroom interior decorators, office interior decorators etc.

Space Planning

Space planning is one of the most important aspects of interior design. It can have a very strong impact on the success of a room. Without proper planning, a room can end up awkward at best or disastrous at worst. Knowledge of furniture sizes and space allowances, some imagination and a sense of composition really help too.


We offer various specialized services for Architects directly to clients and also to various constructors, architects and builders. We also work under various other brand names and ensure that the privacy is maintained. We act as back end offices for various architects, constructors and builders and have tie ups with lots of architects, constructors and builders.

Interior Styling

The interior is conceptualized keeping the client’s requirement in the first priority. Interior designing are more an expression of a person’s inner self, a place you will live in so it has to be appealing both the eye and your soul. Nothing is more seductive than entering a luxurious home where fine furnishings and lavish backgrounds set the tone and reflections of luxury home interiors.

A & A Work

We have complete expertise to execute these projects as per specific requirement of our clients and deal with the interiors of the homes, banks, public sector offices as well as MNCs.

Building your dream home

At Prozfile, a passion for revamping living spaces abounds in their team of designers. Their principle in interior and architecture is that the design of a home should revolve around the homeowners’ specific needs and lifestyles; resulting in a comfortable and fluid environment for all occupants.

Working with the best

Besides transforming spaces into lush abodes, the team at Prozfile also conceptualises a well-suited home in line with clients’s requests. Showcasing their dexterity and commitment, in every project they embark on, Prozfile aims to become one of the top ten interior design firms in Singapore.

Project availability

Talk to us and we shall advice on the time frame.

"Prozfile was a real blessing sent to me. Cadine and Allen are so courteous and helpful. They are extremely professional and their ability to "stage" a home with a high level of attention to detail is an asset. I received lots of compliments from family and friends and I'm really proud of my home. Greatly appreciate the wonderful service offered by Prozfile!

− Betsy

"They have been pretty accommodative to our requests and we must say that they have done a wonderful job in designing a home that brings warmth to my family. We are very happy and satisfy how our house turned out and will definitely not hesitate to recommend their service to others."

− Kevin Foo and Jayleen Tho

"Its been our pleasure working with Mabel. It takes a lot to have that chemistry with your ID and Mabel is one such we have met. We love that dream home she played a part in helping us built. Thanks Mabel!"

− Perf Tan

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