Dear Cadine and KK, Thank you so much for making my dream home into a reality. You guys did a terrific job! I am so glad to have chosen ProzFile over another ID. From the initial design conceptualization, to colour and material selection, and actual project execution, you demonstrated much design creativity and flexibility, with many fresh and interesting ideas. Most of all, your passion in interior design clearly came through. I couldn’t be happier with the final completed look of my home! I have been receiving a slew of compliments from my neighbours, friends and family, yes, even from delivery boys. Here are some notable ones:

Simon Kong

Location: Canberra

Your house is so interesting and different from all the other designs I have seen.’
– said a neighbour

‘Nice wall!’
– from a delivery boy upon entering the door

‘Your actual house looks even better than the 3D diagram.’
– after showing my neighbour the 3D proposal

‘I like your door!!’
– said a friend while spreading out his hands and hugging the kitchen barn door

‘You will be so unprepared for 小叔’s house.’
– my graphic designer niece texted her brother immediately at her first visit

‘No need to go resort anymore!’
– said my good friend

‘Who’s your designer? Wow!!’
– exclaimed another friend

‘Of what I have seen, I like mine the best.’
– said me

So once again, a BIG thank you for a job well done! Continue to create great works of art!

Learn, Laugh and Love,
Simon Kong

~ Havelock Residences ~

 We engaged Prozfile for our condo’s renovation and have been absolutely delighted with their work.

Most designers we have come across only pay lip service to their clients’ requirements. Our designer Alvin, on the other hand, took the time to truly understand what we wanted. He was able to incorporate our requirements into his designs which are not only highly creative and on the cutting edge, but practical as well. Many of Alvin’s suggestions were ideas that we never considered at all, but improved the design and layout of the house tremendously. His advice on furnishings and fittings were also very helpful to us.

Alvin was really responsive from project initiation to completion. There are bound to be hiccups in every construction project. Nevertheless, Alvin stayed on top of things throughout and worked very hard to ensure that all hitches were resolved promptly. He truly displayed professionalism, and took ownership to ensure the success of the renovation works.

While Prozfile clearly has very good designers, their workmanship is excellent as well. Everyone who has visited our place has compliments for the design as well as the finishing of the renovation works.

All in all, we are extremely happy with how our house has turned out. This is all thanks to Prozfile and Alvin. His tireless work made our renovation process a relatively smooth and even a fun one. We would definitely work again with them in the future. In fact, we always recommend Prozfile to our friends whenever we find out that they are renovating their place and looking for an interior designer!


Adrian & Louise

~ Thomson V~

Hi KK,

Nah, here’s the testimonial you’ve requested… hope it helps you guys to get MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE business. Like I said, when you become famous, don’t forget the person who asked you to fold deer head, haha.

“While many out there have somewhat hair-pulling and teeth-gritting experiences to share, my renovation journey was in fact a pretty fun and relaxed one. Kudos to the ProzFile team for their high level of professionalism and creativity. Designer and Project Manager KK (and Lewis) truly listened to my needs as a first-time homeowner, pushed their creative limits and were meticulous in ensuring a smooth-sailing renovation process so that I could focus on the bigger picture – running my own advertising and design agency. It’s quite a feat to meet and exceed the expectations of a creative director who has pretty strong preferences. I’m glad to say they have done it. I would gladly engage the ProzFile team again in future. But first I’ll need a bigger home for our next reno adventure. :P”


Creative Director

Mr Fox Creative Loft

We had engaged Alvin from Prozfile after looking at his portfolio during the exhibition.

We particularly enjoyed the natural look of his designs, and his fresh perspective on things.

He was able to incorporate our needs, as well as our suggestions into our customised design.

He has a keen eye on details, and this has showed in his work.

We were happy to find that he worked closely with the carpenters and supervised them accordingly.

He is respectful, polite and soft spoken – which makes him easy to deal with.

Bala & SC

My husband and I LOVE our newly renovated condo, and its all thanks to the wonderful people at Prozfile. Professional and responsive from start to end, we are really happy with the whole process and the outcome.

Our designers, Elsie and Alvin, were super hands-on and committed to the project from Day 1. They took the time to understand our lifestyle, our needs, and our style. Their design was stylish and at the same time extremely functional. They really paid attention to the little details, like how each space fit into our daily life and how the look and feel of different textures could help us achieve the look we wanted.

We are especially grateful to Elsie, who was really dedicated to the project. She even went furniture shopping with us a few times, to ensure that the complete look was in line with the design vision. Our heartfelt thanks to Prozfile, we highly recommend them to anyone looking for an interior designer.

Best, Selina & Andre